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Joint US-EU Transport Taskforce Workshop TTF 2011: San Diego, California April 6-9, 2011

Purpose of the Meeting

The ultimate goal of the work of the Transport Task Force is a predictive understanding of plasma transport leading, in the end, to transport control. As we have pointed out previously, to achieve success in transport science, it is essential to characterize local fluctuations and transport in toroidal plasma, to understand the basic mechanisms responsible for transport, and ultimately, to control these transport processes. These goals must be pursued in multiple areas, including ion thermal transport, electron thermal transport, particle transport, momentum transport, and the physics of the H mode and edge pedestal. Demonstrating our understanding requires multiple, successful, quantitative tests of theory, simulation and modeling using experiments in fusion-relevant and basic plasmas.

Meeting Format

This year, the TTF Workshop will consist of:

i.   Special Plenary Topical Contributed Sessions
ii.  Working Group Sessions
iii. Posters

This year we plan to hold two special interdisciplinary plenary contributed sessions. The topics of these sessions are P1: Transport at Finite and High Beta and P2: Dynamics of Transitions to Enhanced Confinement.  Refer to the Workshop Topics link for further details

TTF Executive Committee

                                                                                                                                             Stanley Kaye (Chair) skaye@pppl.gov

George Tynan (Dep. Chair) gtynan@ucsd.edu

Clemente Angioni (Chair of EU TTF) cla@rzg.mpg.de
Boris Breizman breizman@mail.utexas.edu

C.S. Chang cschang@cims.nyu.edu

Pat Diamond diamondph@gmail.com

Xavier Garbet xavier.garbet@cea.fr
Punit Gohil gohil@fusion.gat.com
N. N. Gorelenkov ngorelen@pppl.gov
Richard Groebner groebner@fusion.gat.com
William Heidbrink bill.heidbrink@uci.edu

Carlos Hidalgo carlos.hidalgo@ciemat.es

Katsumi Ida ida@nifs.ac.jp
Rajesh Maingi rmaingi@pppl.gov
George McKee mckee@fusion.gat.com

Bill Nevins nevins1@llnl.gov
David Newman ffden@uaf.edu
John Rice rice@psfc.mit.edu
Raul Sanchez sanchezferlr@ornl.gov

Wayne Solomon solomon@fusion.gat.com
Paul Terry pwterry@wisc.edu
Masatoshi Yagi yagi@riam.kyushu-u.ac.jp


Conference Organization

Conference Chairman

Stanley Kaye
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08543 USA
Phone: 609-243-3162
Fax: 609-243-3233
Email: skaye@pppl.gov

Conference Organizers

Kathleen Lukazik
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08543 USA
Phone: 609-243
Fax: 609-243
Email: klukazik@pppl.gov

Local Organizer

Punit Gohil
General Atomics
Mail Stop 13-461
P.O. Box 85608
San Diego, CA 92186-5608 USA
Phone: 858-455-4191
Fax: 858-455-4156
email: gohil@fusion.gat.com


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