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Agostini, Matteo

Edge turbulence in different density regimes in Alcator C-Mod

Agostini, Matteo

Role of the pressure gradient in the generation and evolution of the plasma edge turbulence in RFX-mod

Angioni, Clemente

Electromagnetic effects in momentum and particle transport

Angioni, Clemente*

Interaction of GAM zonal flows, mean flows and edge turbulence across the L-H transition in ASDEX Uprade (*G. Conway)

Auerbach, David

Control of gradient-driven instabilities using Shear Alfven Beat-Waves

Austin, Max

Core transport barriers in DIII-D discharges with off-axis ECH

Aydemir, Ahmet Y.

A model to explain certain L-H transition power threshold differences

Barredo, Jose Miguel Reynolds

Toward the application of Parareal algorithm to 5D gyrokinetic plasma turbulence

Bass, Eric

A gyrokinetic study of global Alfven eigenmodes

Battaglia, Devon

Dependence of the LH power threshold on the X-point radius in NSTX

Baver, Derek

ELM modeling using the 2DX eigenvalue code

Bergerson, William

Transition to a helical core equilibrium in a toroidal plasma

Berionni, Vincent

Predator prey oscillations in a simple cascade model of drift wave turbulence

Bespamyatnov, Igor

Impurity effects on the ITB in Alcator C-Mod

Birkenmeier, Gregor

Experimental investigations of turbulent transport asymmetries and 3D structure of edge turbulence

Bortolon, Alessandro

Effect of low frequency MHD on the fast ion population in NSTX plasmas based on FIDA observations

Bourdelle, Clarisse

Collisionality scaling in Tore Supra: on the uncertainties of global and local energy confinement analysis

Bravenec, Ron

Linear and nonlinear verification of gyrokinetic microstability codes

Breizman, Boris

Modeling of long-range frequency sweeping phenomena

Briesemeister, Alexis

Measured and neoclassically predicted intrinsic plasma flows and radial electric field in the HSX stellarator

Brower, David

Role of density fluctuations and fluctuation-induced transport in a stochastic magnetic field

Burrell, Keith

Beneficial effects of the Edge Harmonic Oscillation in Quiescent H-mode plasmas

Callen, Jim

Pedestal Structure Model Tests

Carter, Troy

Status and plans for validation of turbulence simulation against LAPD data

Chang, Choongseok

Self-consistent kinetic simulation of stochastic RMP penetration, plasma Transport, and pedestal response in diverted geometry

Chang, Choongseok

Kinetic effects on edge pedestal and their implications for experimental investigations

Chang, Choongseok

Integrated kinetic simulations of edge dynamics in tokamaks

Chavdarovski, Ilija

Current density in turbulent magnetically confined plasmas

Chen, Yang

Simulation of Reverse Shear Alfven Eigenmodes using a gyrokinetic ion-fluid electron hybrid model

Chen, Eugene

Free-boundary Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes

Churchill, Michael

In-Out B5+ impurity asymmetries in the pedestal region on Alcator C-Mod

Clayton, Daniel

Impurity transport measurements with the new multi-energy soft-x- ray diagnostic on NSTX

Colyer, Greg

Simulating thermal energy transport in MAST using Trinity and GS2

Crocker, Neal

High resolution global mode structure measurements via multichannel reflectometry in NSTX

Cummings, Julian

Coupled Kinetic-MHD Simulations of ELM Effects on Divertor Heat Loads

Cziegler, Istvan

Experimental studies of the Quasi- and the Weakly-Coherent-Modes in Alcator C-Mod

Darrow, Douglass

Measurements and modeling of neutral beam ion loss during TAE avalanches in NSTX

DeBoo, Jim

Electron Profile Stiffness in L-mode Discharges in DIII-D

Demers, Diane

Advances in heavy ion beam probe measurements of fluctuations in improved confinement Madison Symmetric Torus reversed-field pinch plasmas

Deng, Wenjun

Effects of finite-beta and plasma current on the reversed shear Alfven eigenmode

Diallo, Ahmed

Evolution of the pedestal structure in ELMy H-mode in NSTX

Diamond, Patrick H.

Development in the theory of turbulence spreading with self-consistent flows

Dickinson, David

Probing the linear structure of toroidal drift modes

Dif-Pradalier, Guilhem

Rotation and staircases in tokamaks: on the hierarchy of flows near criticality

Ding, Weixing

Finite pressure effects on momentum transport in a toroidapl Plasma

D’Ippolito, Daniel

Sheared flow dynamics in edge turbulence

Dominguez, Arturo

I-mode regime and  characterization of the Weakly Coherent Mode (WCM) in Alcator C- Mod

Dong, Jiaqi

Direct observation of large scale coherent structures in edge and scrape-off layer plasmas of HL-2A tokamak

Dorf, Mikhail

Status of the COGENT edge kinetic code

Dorris, James

Turbulent Transport Studies in Alcator C-Mod Ohmic  Plasmas

Doyle, Edward

Progress in Experiment and Modeling of ITER Demonstration Discharges in the DIII-D Tokamak

Doyle, Edward

Particle transport measurements on DIII-D using perturbative techniques

Ernst, Darin

Controlling fluctuations in an Internal Transport Barrier with on-axis ICRF heating

Estrada, Teresa

Coupling between turbulence and flows during the L-H transition

Estrada, Teresa

Evidence of turbulence spreading in the TJ-II stellarator

Fedorczak, Nicolas

3D turbulence in tokamak scrape off layers and consequences for core rotation

Fiore, Catherine

Intrinsic plasma rotation in C-Mod Internal Transport Barriers

Fredrickson, Eric

Formation of long-lived phase space structures by high frequency Alfven Eigenmodes through the Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance

Friedman, Brett

Excitation of stable eigenmode branches in a model of LAPD turbulence

Fu, Guoyong

M3D-K Simulations of Beam-driven Alfven Modes in NSTX

Gao, Chi

Experiment on ion heat transport and rotation sStudy with X-ray spectroscopy at Alcator C-Mod

Garofalo, Andrea

Confinement Improvement with Higher Beta in Low NBI Torque QH-mode Discharges

Gentle, Kenneth

Turbulent structures and turbulence suppression in the Helimak

Gobbin, Marco

Tools for neoclassical transport and flow interpretation in the helical states of RFX-mod plasmas

Granstedt, Erik

Transport predictions for density-gradient-dominated regimes

Gray, Travis

Relationship between ELM size and transport speed through the scrape-off layer in NSTX

Grierson, Brian

Core measurements of the thermal deuterium ion temperature and toroidal rotation in DIII-D

Groebner, Richard

Development of experimental plan to test pedestal physics processes

Gurcan, Ozgur D.

Spreading of turbulence in magnetized fusion

Guttenfelder, Walter

Electromagnetic transport from microtearing mode turbulence in NSTX

Hahn, Sang-Hee

Preliminary results of the first H-mode discharges in KSTAR

Hakim, Ammar

Implementation of and first results from FACETS embedded core   turbulence transport solver

Hatch, David

Development of magnetic stochasticity due to subdominant modes

Heidbrink, Bill

Characterization of Off-axis fishbones

Hidalgo, Carlos

On the coupling between flows and turbulence

Hillesheim, Jon

Geodesic acoustic mode and zonal flow measurements in DIII-D

Hinton, Fred

Effect of superbanana diffusion on fusion reactivity in stellarators

Holland, Christopher

Ensemble-based validation metrics for turbulent transport modeling

Holland, Christopher

Plans for validation in FSP

Hollmann, Eric

Progress on studies of runaway electrons formed during tokamak disruptions

Holod, Ihor

Turbulent transport of toroidal angular momentum in  drift wave turbulence

Horton, Wendell*

Impurity turbulent transport studies using gyro-fluid models (*S. Fu)

Horton, Wendell

Electron temperature gradient turbulence validation in the Columbia Linear Machine                     

Howard, Nathan

Experimental and gyrokinetic comparison of L, I, and H-Mode impurity transport

Hsu, Pei-Chun

Origin of irreversibility in vorticity transport and its role in zonal flow generation

Ida, Katsumi

Overview of 3-D effects on viscosity and flows

Ida, Katsumi

Topology bifurcation of magnetic flux surface in plasmas

Jenko, Frank

Turbulent transport at finite beta: recent developments in gyrokinetics

Jhang, Hogun

Role of intrinsic and external torque in ion profile de-stiffening and transport barrier formation: A gyrofluid simulation study

Joseph, Ilon

The effect of anomalous electron viscosity on edge transport

Kim, Chang-Bae

Plasma advection due to noise

Kim, Juhyung

Turbulence suppression in a coherent structure of localized current and vorticity

Kinsey, Jon

Quantifying the stiffness of TGLF in DIII-D

Koh, Sehoon

Numerically improved bootstrap current formula for more proper pedestal physics validation

Kosuga, Yusuke

Entropic theory of the efficiency of intrinsic rotation drive

Kramer, Gerrit

Simulation of observed EGAM induced beam-ion losses in DIII-D

Kritz, Arnold

Improved multi-mode anomalous transport module for tokamak plasmas

Kritz, Arnold

Current status of whole device modeling for tokamaks

Kruger, Scott

Overview of the FACETS project and lessons learned for the FSP

Ku, Seung-Hoe

Numerical 'Solomon' experiment of intrinsic momentum torque in flux-driven global ITG turbulence

Kubota, Shigeyuki

Measurements of broad-kr microturbulence near the L-H transition in NSTX using  FMCW reflectometry and backscattering

Kumar, Santhosh

Classical transport of impurity ions in the reversed field pinch

Kwon , Jae-Min

Gyrokinetic simulation study of micro-physics for symmetry breaking and intrinsic rotation generation in electrostatic turbulence

Lang, Jianying

M3D-K simulation of beam-driven Alfven modes in DIIID

LeBlanc, Benoit

HHFW power deposition in NBI heated NSTX plasmas

LeConte, Michael

Effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on secondary structures in drift wave turbulence

Liao, Kenneth

Fast ion and thermal helium transport experiments in Alcator C-Mod

Loizu, Joaquim

Boundary conditions for plasma fluid models at the magnetic presheath entrance

Loizu, Joaquim

The validation project on the TORPEX basic plasma physics experiment

Ma, Yunxing

Experimental studies of L-H confinement transition on Alcator C-Mod

Maingi, Rajesh

Edge transport and turbulence reduction, and the formation of wide pedestals with lithium coatings in NSTX

Malkov, Mikhail

Effects of particle deposition profile on L-H transition and hysteresis Dynamics

Mantica, Paola

Ion stiffness mitigation as a key for improved core ion confinement:  experimental results in JET and theoretical investigations

Manz, Peter

Cooperative elliptical instability and plasma blob generation

McDevitt, Chris

A simple model for turbulence driven poloidal rotation in the vicinity of a transport barrier

McKee, George

Dependence of turbulence and transport on Te-Ti and comparison with transport models

Miki, Kazuhiro

Multiple states of broadband frequency shearing in a self-consistent one-dimensional edge turbulence model

Mikkelsen, David

GYRO simulations of turbulently driven density peaking in C-Mod plasmas

Moradi, Sara

A theory of non-local linear drift wave transport

Mueller, Stefan

Intrinsic rotation generation in DIII-D ELM-free H-mode plasmas

Muscatello, Chris

Velocity-space studies of fast-ion transport at a sawtooth crash

Mynick, Harry

Reduced turbulent transport in toroidal configurations through shaping

Myra, James

Linear stability analysis of an EDA H-mode edge plasma: a quest for the Quasi-Coherent mode

Nazikian, Raffi

Nonlinear evolution and radial propagation of the energetic particle-induced Geodesic Acoustic mode

Nevins, William

How micro-turbulence breaks magnetic surfaces

Newman, David

The effect of diamagnetic drifts on the dynamics of turbulent transport

Ohdachi, Satoshi

Formation and termination of particle transport barrier in LHD

Pankin, Alexei

Computational study of transport mechanisms in H-mode pedestal of tokamak plasmas

Parker, Scott

Global gyrokinetic turbulence simulations of the edge pedestal

Peterson, Jayson Luc

Nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of electron internal transport barriers in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Petrie, Thomas

Toward effective heat flux reduction combining resonant magnetic perturbations with a radiating divertor in DIII-D

Petty, Craig

Beta scaling of turbulence and transport

Podesta, Mario

Characterization of chirping TAE modes on NSTX

Podpaly, Yuri

The dependence of Lower Hybrid Current Drive induced rotation direction on plasma current and magnetic configuration

Poli, Francesca

Confinement and stability of steady state scenarios

Porazik, Peter

Gyrokinetic simulation of magnetic compressional mode

Pusztai, Istvan

Isotope mass and charge effects in tokamak plasmas

Rafiq, Tariq

Simulating ITER target steady state and hybrid plasma using  Multi-Mode version 7.1 and GLF23 transport models

Ren, Yang

Study of parametric dependence of high-k turbulence with microwave scattering on NSTX

Rice, John

Observations of core rotation reversals in Alcator C-Mod ohmic L-mode plasmas

Rognlien, Thomas

Neutral and plasma particle transport during the ELM cycle - toward a dynamic pedestal and SOL model

Rost, Jon

Study of the poloidal variation and spectral structure of short-wavelength edge turbulence using phase contrast -imaging on DIII-D

Russell, David

Reduced-model (SOLT) simulations of an EDA H-mode shot at C-Mod

Ryter, Francois

Study of the L-H transition at low density in ASDEX Upgrade

Sanchez, Raul

Recurrence quantification analysis of simulations of near-marginal dissipative-trapped-electron-mode turbulence

Schaffner, David

A spectral analysis for mode identification on LAPD edge turbulence

Schmitz, Lothar

Shear flow and turbulence suppression in limit cycle oscillations Preceding the L-H transition

Sechrest, Yancey

Interactions between turbulence and flows in the NSTX edge

Sen, Amiya

ETG mode driven electron thermal transport and scaling in a basic experiment

Shafer, Morgan

Edge Soft X-ray imaging and inversion techniques for measurement of magnetic topology from external 3-D magnetic perturbations

Shao, Che

DIII-D microwave imaging reflectometer (MIR) design criteria and performance parameters evaluated by full-wave synthetic diagnostic

Smith, David

Density fluctuation measurements from the NSTX Beam Emission Spectroscopy diagnostic system

Smith, Sterling

Testing paleoclassical predictions against measured DIII-D pedestal profiles

Snyder, Philip

Developing and testing the EPED pedestal model as part of the 2011 Joint Research Target

Solomon, Wayne

Measurement and modeling of intrinsic torque on DIII-D

Spong, Don

Recent development of energetic particle gyro-Landau fluid models

Stacey, Bill

Construction of a predictive model for the edge pedestal structure

Staebler, Gary

Centrifugal effects on gyro-kinetic stability and transport

Stotler, Daren

Consistent recycling in a coupled kinetic plasma - neutral transport code

Sun, Hongjuan

New development in non-locality in transport

Tala, Tuomas

NBI modulation experiments to study magnetic field induced ripple torque and momentum transport on JET

Tanaka, Kenji

Core turbulence and comparison with gyro kinetic simulation in high Ti discharge of LHD

Terry, Paul

Features of saturation of ion temperature gradient turbulence by damped modes in gyrokinetic models

Thakur, Saikat

Effect of boundary conditions on drift turbulence and zonal flows in a linear plasma device

Tritz, Kevin

Effects of Global Alfven Eigenmodes on electron thermal transport in NSTX

Tynan, George

The role of a fusion simulation program in advancing our scientific understanding of transport

Umansky, Maxim

Modeling of Langmuir probe effects locally induced in tokamak edge plasma

Vadlamani, Srinath

Progress of parallel validation tools for fusion simulations as applied to synthetic diagnostic efforts

Vermare, Laure

Evolution of micro-turbulence characteristics  with collisionality at the tokamak core-edge interface 

Vernay, Thibaut

Collisional and electromagnetic simulations with the global gyrokinetic delta-f particle-in-cell code ORB5

Walk, John

Experimental tests of the EPED model for ELMy H-Mode pedestals on Alcator C-Mod

Waltz, Ronald

Program for finding the upper bound on unstable Alfven mode induced fusion alpha transport losses

Wan, Weigang

Gyrokinetic particle simulations of edge pedestal turbulence

Wang, Weixing

Electrostatic turbulence driven plasma current

Wang, Eric

Gyrokinetic analysis of linear instabilities within the pedestal of experimental discharges

Wang, Zhixuan

Gyrokinetic particle simulation of ideal and kinetic ballooning modes

Wang, Ge

Model for spontaneous frequency of an Alfven wave in a toroidal plasma

Weiland, Jan

Comparison of external and internal transport barriers in drift wave predictive simulations

Weyssow, Boris

Electron transport: presentation of the first results of the EFDA TTG collaborative activity

Wilcox, Robert

Measurements of bicoherence and long-range correlations during biasing in the HSX stellarator

Xiao, Yong

Convective motion in collisionless trapped electron mode turbulence

Xiao, Weiwen

Type III ELM suppression using supersonic molecular beam injection in HL-2A

Xiao, Weiwen

Dynamics and feedback loops of particle ITB formation in OH-plasma

Xu, Xueqiao

Zonal field generation in ELMy H-mode discharges

Xu, Min

Proposed nonlinear energy transfer, momentum transport, and hysteresis experiments on HL-2A

Xu, Guosheng

First H-mode with lower-hybrid current drive and lithium-wall coatings on the EAST superconducting tokamak

Yagi, Masatoshi

Simulation study on non-local transport by plasma blob in SOL

Yan, Zheng

The dynamics of turbulence, zonal flows and the Reynolds stress Approaching the L-H Transition

Yi, Sumin

Role of non-resonant modes in zonal flows and intrinsic rotation generation

Yuh, Howard

Reversed shear internal transport barriers in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Yun, Gunsu

Growth, saturation, and burst of edge-localized filaments in KSTAR

Zeng, Lei

Effects of resonant magnetic field perturbations on density profiles, particle transport, and turbulence in DIII-D

Zhang, Jie

Low frequency MHD modes study on NSTX

Zhang, Huasen

Nonlinear gyrokinetic particle simulation ofbBeta-induced Alfven eigenmode

Zhao, Lei

Collisionless turbulent heating and inter-species energy transfer in CTEM turbulence

Zhao, Kaijun

Spatial structure and interaction of multiple shear flow populations in tokamak edge turbulence

Zheng, Linjin

Infernal modes at tokamak H-mode pedestal

Zhou, Shu

Study of fast ion transport in turbulent waves in the Large Plasma Device (LAPD)

Zweben, Stewart

2-D analysis of edge turbulence velocity and blobs in Alcator C-Mod

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